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How do you select interviewees?

We work with management to define the characteristics of interviewees to guide us in selecting interviewees. Management recommends individuals to be interviewed which we evaluate using the agreed upon criteria. The best results are obtained when we interview people with different responsibilities, backgrounds, roles, tenure, and experiences.


How do you interview?

We ask each interviewee, in a confidential interview, the same question and ask subsequent questions based upon his answer to elicit information. A scribe summarizes the interview and it is also recorded.

The best way to understand our interviewing technique is to experience an interview. We offer a free two hour interview with a written summary to prospective clients.


Why do you use confidential interviews?

Confidential interviews reduce, if not eliminate, the impact of self-censorship. Confidentiality and trust generated by the interviewer creates a climate conducive to sharing experiences, ideas and insights that a person keeps to themself because of what others might think and peer pressure. Often we find that several individuals have the same or similar ideas that they have not shared with anyone.


Why do you use a scribe to summarize the interview and record it?

The scribe summarizes the questions and interviewee’s response. The recording is used to clarify the summary and insure that the summary is accurate and complete.


How long does an interview last?

A typical interview takes between two and four hours. On occasions an interview will require more than four hours. We have found longer interviews provide a clearer, more comprehensive and coherent vision of how to achieve the desired result.


What do you do with the interview summary?

The written summary and recording is given to the interviewee for review and editing. When a summary is reviewed, we ask the interviewee to make corrections, remove what she isn’t comfortable with, and add ideas and insights that wasn’t captured. She returns the summary to us once she is confident that it is complete and accurately reflects her insights and ideas.


What do you mean by “Confidential Interview”?

We view anything an interviewee said as privileged, confidential material. The interview is property of the interviewee and we can only disclose the recorded interview and written summary of the interview with his permission.

The worst thing that can happen is to violate the trust of an interviewee. A violation of trust can impact a person’s livelihood, cause other interviewees not to trust the interviewer, and prevent the sharing needed to create a viable envisioned future.

In the composite summary, the foundation of the final report, we protect an interviewee’s confidentiality by not saying who said what and removing identifying context and information.


Do you send the interview summary to the employee’s work email?

We send the interview summary and recording of the interview to personal email accounts only. All electronic communications about the interview is done using an employee’s personal email account. Their work email is used to set up meetings and schedule interviews. We have faith that clients respect the confidentiality of employees, but we have found that using their personal email accounts increases trust.


What is the composite summary?

The composite summary is a composite of the individual interview summaries. It captures commonalities, differences, and outliers and presents them in a coherent manner. The composite summary is reviewed and edited by each interviewee. After their comments are incorporated into a revised composite summary, the revised composite summary is reviewed by all interviewees as a group. The composite summary revised by the group is a clear, comprehensive and coherent vision of a preferred, desirable future and what contributes to realizing the vision.

Our report also includes a strategic roadmap discussing things to consider when developing a strategy. It is based on interviewee insights that were not included in the vision of the future.


What is management’s role and responsibility?

Management is responsible for determining what they want us to accomplish, formulating the one question we ask every interviewee, and assisting in the selection of interviewees.


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